Anti Inflammatory Diet: Delicious Autoimmunity Recipes For Deep Nutrition

Anti Inflammatory Diet: Delicious Autoimmunity Recipes For Deep Nutrition

Pressure Cooker Cookbook & Other Chicken Preparation Methods

Ginger Wood


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Anti Inflammatory Diet: Delicious Autoimmunity Recipes For Deep Nutrition - Pressure Cooker Cookbook & Other Chicken Preparation Methods Are you ready to discover these amazing & healthy rare delicacies of cock and hens and learn in a fun and delicious way to eating healthy chicken and cock meat that will boost your vitality and health? These healthy and tasty recipes are accompanying you through this "Nourishing Journey". The recipes are all newbie friendly and uncomplicated so that even a new cook can get the health benefits out of these cock and chicken recipes. These are the type of recipes that you want to have in store for yourself and your family because all these recipes deliver how to prepare cock and chicken the right way! I am even using these cock and chicken recipes to overcome a wide variety of health conditions including candida albicans, multiple food allergies, bleeding eczemas, acne, morning sickness, male infertility and impotence, low immunity, lack of appetite in elderly and convalescents, overweight and obesity and more. Each healthy chicken and cock recipe includes a list of ingredients and gives you the instructions to follow. I am sharing these amazingly tasty and healthy chicken and cock recipes for the very first time so you can take advantage and be able to get started with nourishing your body and brain the right way. Ultimately, I have written this book to make you aware of the many advantage that come with these healthy chicken and cock recipes. Tap into some of these powerful health benefits of chicken and cock meat because cocks have been used to heal many sicknesses over the centuries. These recipes should give you enough ideas to get you started with eating more of these delicious and healthy chicken and cock meals.


Ginger Wood:
Ginger Wood was born in Germany and raised in the US and London where she studied at London and Los Angeles universities and where she discovered American desserts. After working for ABC News in the US and enjoying American desserts so much, she decided to set up her baking brand called Oh So Scrumptious & Oozing. Her home-cooked muffins, cakes, tarts, cupcakes, pies, brownies and other high-quality American desserts are a huge success among her friends and family so that she decided to turn her passion into a profitable entity. Each book is charming and heart-warming, but created with one single goal in mind. Help today's time-strapped, budget and health conscious families. She fixes every kitchen, food and household related issue with her fix it mentality without sacrificing the good taste! Her books are filled with satisfying, scrumptious, and oozing recipes that she has collected over the years and adapted to the reality of today. Along with treasured family recipes, each of her books includes the stories that go along with these proven and tested recipes and the usability that comes out of it which is critical for today's consumers. The goal of Oh So Scrumptious & Oozing is to grow from a home based kitchen-table operation to become a nationally recognized best-selling publisher and helping individuals who are new as well as the advanced users.