Naughty Chocolate Body Paint Recipes

Naughty Chocolate Body Paint Recipes

Naughty Recipes Series

Mary Hunziger


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How to Make No-MESS Naughty Homemade Chocolate Body Paint in 10 Minutes or Less! If you are looking for a naughty Chocolate Body Paint Recipe you are on the right page. This booklet includes a method to make some Naughty Chocolate Body Paint that is Guaranteed To Please your lover. If you are truly looking for a very unique way to celebrate your love like an anniversary, St Valentine's day, or any other occasion that celebrates your love, this booklet is perfect for you. Save money and do something really naughty with chocolate on that special day! Ingredients * Directions * Tips * Licking the Spoon (and other utensils) * If you get Stuck * Gift Idea Resources * Some unforgettable & mentally challenging moment that you can experience with warm chocolate body paint + an iced chocolate martini! Get started today and create the most unforgettable Chocolate Body Paint moments that you have ever experienced... Booklet by Mary Kay "The Passion Nut" Hunziger


Mary Hunziger:
My name is Mary Hunziger and I am a passionate crafter myself. I started my own crafting business with my first $7 on Etsy in 2007 and all I can say it has been an exciting ride. Other crafting friends of mine have been able to turn their passion into profit and today run six figure craft businesses and authors like Jim Cockrum, Seth Godin, and Tim Ferriss are typically calling these passionate businesses the true "virtual empire". The Naughty Recipes Series is part of this fun and profitable crafting business because crafting is all about experimenting with new materials and ingredients and come up with unique and beneficial formulas and products. Sharing these experiences with other crafters is what my crafting experience is all about. Keep tabs on my updates: