Don't Touch That Doorknob!

Don't Touch That Doorknob!

How Germs Can Zap You and How You Can Zap Back

Jack Brown


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Lower your risk of infection and fight invisible foes with this eye-opening guide full of practical advice from a microbiologist and germ-fighting expert.

Germs are everywhere. Those seconds in the elevator, those minutes on the checkout line, that evening at the cocktail party -- they all bring you up close and personal with your fellow human beings and with germs. While many are vital to our very lives, others are dangerous, even deadly.

In this comprehensive, down-to-earth manual, a renowned microbiologist and authority on germs show you how microorganisms affect you in daily life and how you and your immune systems can fight back. This accessible guide tells you:

  • How to avoid catching infections in this hospital
  • How to kill the thousands of germs that live in your kitchen sponge
  • Which foods contain the most dangerous germs
  • When antibacterial soap should be used
  • How to stay healthy while traveling
  • What part of your body hides the most germs
  • Who should get flu shots and why.

Germs are everywhere. Now find out how to fight these invisible foes.