Mechanics And Architectural Design - Proceedings Of 2016 International Conference

Mechanics And Architectural Design - Proceedings Of 2016 International Conference

Proceedings of 2016 International Conference

Shi-Hong Zhang, Peng-Sheng Wei


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The 2016 International Conference on Mechanics and Architectural Design (MAD2016) were held in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, 14 – 15 May 2016. The main objective of this conference is to provide a platform for researchers, academics and industrial professionals to present their research findings in the fields of Architecture, Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

This proceedings consists of 90 articles selected after peer-review. It consists of 6 articles in Mechanics, and 84 articles covering research and development in Civil Engineering; addressing issues in building architecture and structure. Most of these projects were funded by the Chinese research agencies.

Contents:Mechanics:Influence of Gap on Aerodynamic Performance of Wind Turbine Airfoil with Discrete Trailing Edge Flaps (Heng-Fan Li, Ya-Lei Jia, Yu-Jin Zhao & Zhong-He Han);Dynamic Testing and Analysis of Poisson's Ratio Constants of Timber (Gang-Gang Wang, Cao Yu, Xian Zhang, Zi-Zhen Gao, Yun-Lu Wang & Zheng Wang);A Simple Analytical Model of the Rotary Friction Welding of Thin-Wall Tube (L B Yang, X M Qin, R C Reed & P Bowen);Local Working String Mechanical Behavior Above Subsea Wellhead (Bao-Kui Gao, Jing-Wei Ren & Liang Gao);Experimental Study on Flow Characteristics in Bending Channel (Dan Wang & Jie Gu);Civil, Architectural Engineering:Analysis of the Effects of Beam and Column Semi-Rigid Connection on the Mechanical Properties of Assembled Pallet Rack (Deng-Chao Niu, Zhuan Wang & Shan Mi);Strength Analysis of Six-Pillar Hydraulic Support Base (Jiang-Yu Wu, Mei-Mei Feng & Kun Tang);Reasonable Thickness of Metro Station with Single Arch Large-Span in Upper-Soft and Lower-Hard Stratum (Zi-Guang Zhang, Ke-Guo Sun & Wen-Ge Qiu);Analysis of the Column Bearing Capacity with Lateral Load in Precipitator Casing (Ning Wang, Tong Lu, Kai-Li Xing & Deng-Feng Wang );Return to Place Spirit in the Architectural Design in Universities — A Case Study of Xiangshan Campus of China Academy Ofart and Caotang Campus of Xi'an University Of Architecture and Technology (Yun-Yang Zheng & Hong-Li Guo);The Research on the Stability of the Steel Tube Filled with Steel-Reinforce Concrete Subjected to Mechanical After High Temperature (Bai-Dong Zhao, Peng Yu & Tian-Cheng Xu);and other papers;
Readership: Graduate students, researchers and academics in the field of mechanics, civil engineering and architectural engineering. Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering
  • This proceedings consists of research articles covering a large range of topics, from mechanics, civil engineering to architectural engineering. It is an invaluable source for other researchers, engineers, and academicians, as well as industrial professionals
  • This proceedings put together the research findings and results presented in MAD2016, and provided an insight a state of art view into Chinese R&D capability in areas of mechanical and civil engineering focus on building architecture
  • This proceedings will not only serve as a reference to the readers, but also an important insight into the directions of mechanical and civil engineering research