Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds

A Field Guide to 50 of the Most Popular Breeds

James Kavanagh, Waterford Press, Raymond Leung


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This guide highlights some of the most popular dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the largest purebred dog registry in the world. This beautifully illustrated guide includes detailed descriptions of 50 of the most popular breeds, the breed origin, key physical characteristics, personality/character traits, activity level, grooming requirements, how they get along with people and other dogs and dog park etiquette. This convenient guide is an ideal, portable source of practical information for dog-lovers of all ages.


James Kavanagh:
Zoologist Jim Kavanagh has made a career out of introducing novices to plants, animals, the sciences and world cultures. In addition to creating over 500 simplified nature guides, he has also authored guides to languages, cities and outdoor skills. An avid traveler and backpacker, Kavanagh’s path has taken him around the world to many remote destinations including the upper Amazon, Africa, Australia, and the Arctic Circle (and this is just the As). He is also the author of a series of state-specific guides to common species and natural attractions and a children's book on evolution.

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