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Kevin England


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Have you ever wondered how to turn dreams into reality? The spirit body is a fluid energy field, surrounding and extending beyond the human form. It changes its colour and density, expands and contracts, vibrates and resonates according to thought and feelings at any given moment. We are concentrated waves of continually moving vibrated energy, and our spirit is part of the essence of consciousness, universal intelligence. When we learn to dance in-tune to the universe (stardance) and communicate in the language it understands, then we can create and attract anything into our lives. We live in a galaxy of wonder where dreams are made and wishes are granted.


Kevin England:
Kevin’s career in the healing arts spans five decades: he has served as a physiotherapist and chiropractor to a diverse range of people from professional sportsmen, Olympians, celebrities and actors, to HIV patients, midwives, babies and mothers suffering from birth trauma. He is the world’s foremost authority on the art of Hoku body alignment, the most technically advanced lomilomi bodywork on the planet. Kevin teaches a metaphysical form of bodywork that embraces the embodiment of love, compassion and kindness on the mind, body and soul. His mission is to share the aloha spirit by introducing others to the empowering and transformational Star-lite Universe-ity. He has a heart-centered approach and down to earth style of helping, healing and empowering others. He is the founder of azura, a body of energy, aloha in action, sharing knowledge and inspiring growth. For many years he has been an active fundraiser for charities supporting children’s hospices and dedicated to bringing smiles and laughter to seriously and terminally ill children, an interest activated by the infant death of his firstborn. He is an inspirational speaker for the Blue Cross animal hospital charity and is an integral part of their educational program. He has recently set up Paws pet rescue service in association with the Blue Cross.