Incredible Animal Trivia

Incredible Animal Trivia

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Eric Braun


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Did you know that there is a kind of jellyfish that can live forever? Or that pigs can learn to play video games? Test your trivia knowledge and learn loads of incredible facts in this mind-blowing book of amazing animal trivia! Then impress your friends with your new trivia skills. Find out which mammal has the most teeth, whether the flying lemur really flies, and why some lizards do pushups. The answers may surprise you!


Eric Braun:

Eric Braun has written dozens of books for readers of all ages and edited hundreds more. He is a McKnight fellow and a nice fellow, and he likes to ride his bike really far and really fast. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two sons, some of whose antics have found their way into his books (unbeknownst to them).