World Scientific Handbook of Metamaterials and Plasmonics

World Scientific Handbook of Metamaterials and Plasmonics

(In 4 Volumes)Volume 1: Electromagnetic MetamaterialsVolume 2: Elastic, Acoustic, and Seismic MetamaterialsVolume 3: Active Nanoplasmonics and MetamaterialsVolume 4: Recent Progress in the Field of Nanoplasmonics

Stefan A Maier


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Metamaterials represent a new emerging innovative field of research which has shown rapid acceleration over the last couple of years. In this handbook, we present the richness of the field of metamaterials in its widest sense, describing artificial media with sub-wavelength structure for control over wave propagation in four volumes.

Volume 1 focuses on the fundamentals of electromagnetic metamaterials in all their richness, including metasurfaces and hyperbolic metamaterials. Volume 2 widens the picture to include elastic, acoustic, and seismic systems, whereas Volume 3 presents nonlinear and active photonic metamaterials. Finally, Volume 4 includes recent progress in the field of nanoplasmonics, used extensively for the tailoring of the unit cell response of photonic metamaterials.

In its totality, we hope that this handbook will be useful for a wide spectrum of readers, from students to active researchers in industry, as well as teachers of advanced courses on wave propagation.

  • Volume 1: Electromagnetic Metamaterials (Ekaterina Shamonina):
    • Preface
    • Electromagnetic Metamaterials: Homogenization and Effective Properties of Mixtures (Ari Sihvola)
    • Effective Medium Theory of Electromagnetic and Quantum Metamaterials (Mário G Silveirinha)
    • Hyperbolic Metamaterials (Igor I Smolyaninov)
    • Circuit and Analytical Modelling of Extraordinary Transmission Metamaterials (Francisco Medina, Francisco Mesa, Raul Rodríguez-Berral and Carlos Molero)
    • Electromagnetic Metasurfaces: Synthesis, Realizations and Discussions (Karim Achouri and Christophe Caloz)
    • Metasurfaces for General Control of Reflection and Transmission (Sergei Tretyakov, Viktar Asadchy and Ana Díaz-Rubio)
    • Scattering at the Extreme with Metamaterials and Plasmonics (Francesco Monticone and Andrea Alù)
    • All-Dielectric Nanophotonics: Fundamentals, Fabrication, and Applications (Alexander Krasnok, Roman Savelev, Denis Baranov and Pavel Belov)
    • Tunable Metamaterials (Ilya V Shadrivov and Dragomir N Neshev)
    • Spatial Solitonic and Nonlinear Plasmonic Aspects of Metamaterials (Allan D Boardman, Alesandro Alberucci, Gaetano Assanto, Yu G Rapoport, Vladimir V Grimalsky, Vasyl M Ivchenko and Eugen N Tkachenko)
    • Metamaterial Catheter Receivers for Internal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Richard R A Syms, Ian R Young and Laszlo Solymar)
    • Microwave Sensors Based on Symmetry Properties and Metamaterial Concepts (Jordi Naqui, Ali K Horestani, Christophe Fumeaux and Ferran Martín)
  • Volume 2: Elastic, Acoustic, and Seismic Metamaterials (Richard Craster and Sébastien Guenneau):
    • Preface
    • Dynamic Homogenization of Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials and Phononic Crystals (Richard Craster, Tryfon Antonakakis and Sébastien Guenneau)
    • Acoustic Metamaterial (Nicholas Fang, Jun Xu, Navid Nemati, Nicolas Viard and Denis Lafarge)
    • Flat Lens Focusing of Flexural Waves in Thin Plates (Patrick Sebbah and Marc Dubois)
    • Space–Time Cloaking (Martin W McCall and Paul Kinsler)
    • Soda Cans Metamaterial: Homogenization and Beyond (Fabrice Lemoult, Geoffroy Lerosey, Nadège Kaïna and Mathias Fink)
    • New Trends Toward Locally-Resonant Metamaterials at the Mesoscopic Scale (Philippe Roux, Matthieu Rupin, Fabrice Lemoult, Geoffroy Lerosey, Andrea Colombi, Richard Craster, Sébastien Guenneau, William A Kuperman and Earl G Williams)
    • Seismic Metamaterials: Controlling Surface Rayleigh Waves Using Analogies with Electromagnetic Metamaterials (Stéphane Brûlé, Stefan Enoch, Sébastien Guenneau and Richard Craster)
    • Active Cloaking and Resonances for Flexural Waves (Jane O'Neill, Özgür Selsil, Ross C McPhedran, Alexander B Movchan and Natasha V Movchan)
    • Cloaking in Water Waves (Richard Porter)
    • Molding Sound Propagation and Scattering with Acoustic Metamaterials and Metasurfaces (Romain Fleury and Andrea Alù)
    • The Carpet Cloak (Fu Liu, Jensen Li, Jingjing Zhang and Yu Luo)
    • Hyperelastic Cloaking: Transformation Elasticity Using Pre-Stressed Solids (Andrew N Norris and William J Parnell)
    • Acoustic Metamaterials with Conical Dispersions (Xueqin Huang, Meng Xiao, Che Ting Chan and Fengming Liu)
    • An Interface Model for Homogenization of Acoustic Metafilms (Jean-Jacques Marigo and Agnès Maurel)
  • Volume 3: Active Nanoplasmonics and Metamaterials (Ortwin Hess):
    • Preface
    • Active Plasmonics, Plasmonic Amplification and Lasing (Elham Karami Keshmarzi, R Niall Tait and Pierre Berini)
    • Stopped Light Nano-Lasing (A Freedie and Ortwin Hess)
    • Nonlinear Metamaterials (Martti Kauranen, Stefan Linden and Martin Wegener)
    • Controlled Radiative Dynamics Using Plasmonic Nanocavities (Gleb M Akselrod and Maiken H Mikkelsen)
    • Metamaterials and Plasmonics with Optical Gain (Mikhail A Noginov)
    • Active Metamaterials (Michael D Singh and Marek S Wartak)
  • Volume 4: Recent Progress in the Field of Nanoplasmonics (Javier Aizpurua):
    • Preface
    • Basics of Nanoplasmonics (Luis Martín-Moreno and Francisco J García Vidal)
    • Plasmonic Nanoantennas (Jean-Jacques Greffet)
    • Nonlocality in Plasmonics (N Asger Mortensen, Jacob B Khurgin and Martijn Wubs)
    • Quantum Effects in the Plasmonic Response (Javier Aizpurua and Andrei G Borisov)
    • Plasmonics and Transformation Optics (Antonio I Fernández-Domínguez, Yu Luo, Rongkuo Zhao and Sir John B Pendry)
    • Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Control of Single Nanoparticle and Antennas (Otto L Muskens, Peter R Wiecha and Arnaud Arbouet)
    • Ultrafast Plasmonics (Jue-Min Yi, Petra Groß and Christopf Lienau)
    • Graphene Plasmonics (Alexey Yu Nikitin)
    • Plasmon Excitation by Fast Electrons (Ulrich Hohenester)
    • Thermoplasmonics (Guillaume Baffou and Romain Quidant)
    • Plasmon Polariton Field Mapping by Elastic Light Scattering from a Tip (Edward Yoxall and Rainer Hillenbrand)
    • Chemical Synthesis of Plasmonic Nanoparticles (Dorleta Jiménez De Aberasturi, Cyrille Hamon and Luis M Liz-Marzán)

Readership: Advanced graduate students, scientists and researchers in the field of nanomaterials and nanostructures.
Keywords:Metamaterials;Homogenization;Plamonics;Electromagnetic;Metasurface;Nanoparticles;Artificial Media;Nanostructured Media;Wave Propagation;Optics;Acoustics;Elasticity;Seismic WavesReview:Key Features:
  • The first of its kind to cover the whole spectrum of metamaterials, from electromagnetic to acoustic, elastic, seismic
  • Charts the progress of the field over the last three years
  • Written in an accessible style to be of use for students, teachers, industry researchers
  • With contributions from the leading experts of the field
  • Includes a special volume with recent progress in nanoplasmonics, the basic of photonic metamaterials