Interventional Bronchoscopy and Pleuroscopy

Interventional Bronchoscopy and Pleuroscopy

A Book of Case Studies with Videos

Anne Ann Ling Hsu, Pyng Lee;;;


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This is a book of case series on interventional bronchoscopy and pleuroscopy based on decades of clinical experience of the authors. The purpose of this publication is not to provide the principles, theory or evidence of clinical practice of these procedures but to illustrate actual case scenarios. Each case is presented with the history, including clinical, radiological, endoscopic findings and final outcome; and procedural details in the form of video illustration. Learning points of these cases are highlighted either at the end of the case presentation and/or in a separate chapter. Physicians accessing the immense resource of videos will acquire the knowledge and expertise necessary to manage their patients.

Sample Chapter(s)
Introduction - Interventional Bronchoscopy (540 KB)
Non-malignant airway obstruction: Intraluminal lesions (1.24 MB)

  • Non-Malignant Airway Obstruction:
    • Foreign Body
    • Mucus Plug and Blood Clot
    • Tumors
    • Tuberculosis
    • Fibrosing Mediastinitis
    • Trauma
    • Excessive Dynamic Airway Collapse (EDAC)
    • Mediastinal Mass
  • Malignant Airway Obstruction:
    • Primary Respiratory Malignancy
    • Esophageal Carcinoma
    • Thyroid Carcinoma
    • Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy
    • Lower Respiratory Tract Metastases
  • Challenging Conditions:
    • Fistulation
    • Bleeding
    • Copious Secretions
    • Critical Airway Obstruction
    • Rigid Tube Coring and Dilatation
    • Flexible Forceps Dilatation
    • Stenting
    • Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis
  • Rigid Bronchoscope Intubation
  • Critiques

Readership: Specialists and trainees in Pulmonary Medicine, Oncology, Thoracic Surgery, Pathology; endoscopists and researchers with interest in tracheobronchial pathologies will most likely find this book educational and informative that will have impact on their field of work and training.
Keywords:Rigid Bronchoscopy;Tracheobronchial Ablative Therapies and Stentings;Pleural Disorders;Pleural Biopsy and Talc PleurodesisReview:

"This collection contains lessons learnt, pearls and pitfalls alike, in almost 150 cases of interventional bronchoscopy and pleuroscopy. Concise and readable, it brings the reader into the intervention suite, intensive care unit and clinic and seeks to help others in the comprehensive approach to each case. In contrast to other books and publications, both good and adverse outcomes and lessons from cases collected over 20 years are presented. "

Mariko Siyue Koh, MBBS, MRCP (UK), FCCP (USA)
Senior Consultant, Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Singapore General Hospital
Adjunct Associate Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
Senior Clinical Lecturer, NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Singapore

Key Features:
  • Worldwide there are only few books published on interventional bronchoscopy and pleuroscopy. The book is unique as it combines both subjects, presented in the form of case-video illustrations
  • Specific unique topics covered were endobronchial lesions due to tuberculosis and esophageal carcinoma
  • Case series with full video recordings of therapeutic bronchoscopy and pleuroscopy performed over a span of 20 years by two highly experienced interventional pulmonologists