The Art and Craft of Chocolate

The Art and Craft of Chocolate

An enthusiast's guide to selecting, preparing and enjoying artisan chocolate at home

Nathan Hodge


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The Art and Craft of Chocolate is a celebration of a beloved ingredient, from bean to bar, offering the enthusiast an understanding of how to make chocolate with household tools.


Nathan Hodge:

Nathan Hodge is the co-founder and Head Chocolate Maker of Raaka Chocolate, a nationally distributed bean†‘to†‘bar chocolate company in Brooklyn, New York, founded in 2010. 
Hodge appears as a featured subject in the film, Setting the Bar (2017), a documentary that focuses on the leading role Raaka has taken in the craft chocolate movement’s focus on sustainable cocoa sourcing.
Hodge is a five†‘time presenter at the Northwest Chocolate Show, the premier US chocolate conference, and has fostered connections with USDA cacao researchers and academics at the Guiltinan Cacao Research Lab at Penn State and the University of Hawaii.
Raaka’s First Nibs Subscription program has become the gold standard for chocolate innovation. Every year, Raaka releases 24 unique chocolate bars inspired by recipes from all over the world, and in collaboration with local chefs and artisans.