The Complete Guide to Acupuncture

The Complete Guide to Acupuncture

Masaru Toguchi


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Succinctly, the dictionary defines the ancient, mysterious Chinese healing science of acupuncture as "the puncturing of the skin or tissue by a needle for the relief of pain" But this quick description does not take into account the vast interest in this unknown and often misunderstood method of treatment of human ills that has come down thorough the ages in virtually unchanged form.

Masaru Toguchi is an acupuncturist of Japanese descent who lives in Santa Monica and numbers among his patients many of the leading actors and actresses in neighboring Hollywood. In this book, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ACUPUNCTURE, he sets forth the history of acupuncture, its practice and techniques, the scientific basis for it and a step-by-step description of the entire procedure. Also included in this definitive volume are charts and diagrams as supportive evidence of the skills that the author has learned from his grandfather who practiced the art in Japan.


Masaru Toguchi:

MASARU TOGUCHI was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1915 and now resided in California. He became interested in acupuncture at the age of twelve, when his grandfather, a long time practitioner of the art, started to instruct him in the techniques of acupuncture. At that time the young lad resided in Okinawa. Mr. Toguchi graduated from the Kawasaki Institute of Scientific Research of Tokyo in July, 1956, with training, both formal and informal in the study of Oriental Herbology as well as acupuncture. From 1958 through 1959 Mr. Toguchi practiced at the Kato Acupuncture Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, where he received the certificate of "Keikets Ugaku."