The Magical Rainbow Inside You

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The Magical Rainbow Inside You

Roushini, Roushini Devi


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Playful Meditation For Kids Publications. TM
The Magical Rainbow Inside You is the first audio created by the Playful Meditation For Kids publications.
A multi-learning audio created by cultural collaborator, professional artist and author, Roushini; to teach children self-care and self-regulation from a younger age.
Through guidance, interaction and repetition,
children will learn:
Simple, easy & fun steps to self-care & self-regulation.
To be resilient.
Clear understanding about self.
To embrace their positive qualities.
To acknowledge and express their emotions.
To re-direct their challenging behaviours.
To stop bullying and other anti-social behaviours.
To meditate and become mindful.
To enhance literacy, numeracy & cultural learning.
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