New Yoga 4 New Age

New Yoga 4 New Age

Activating Personal Energy

Jah Xolani Radebe


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This book in a nutshell explains what yoga is and how it works, followed by an outline of its history and how it was developed in the East and adopted and adapted in the West. The book describes health and how it is measured since a few medical books have their own definition of health saturated and described in the Western context. It verifies how most people fail to define and measure their own state of health since they only think that they are unhealthy when something is wrong which has been influenced by what they have been socialised to think through the Western biomedical system. This book takes a moment to compare and contrast the Eastern definition opposed to the Western point of view. Furthermore, it defines health in terms of energy systems. Chapter four focuses on energy and recharging to maintain balance and free-flowing quality and good volume for the state of health. Finally, the last two chapters discuss how yoga relates with other body energy systems and how yoga and energy therapies relate to everyday life. At the end of the book, there is a series of exercises which you can do to activate and cultivate your own energy and level of existence. If yoga is new to you, I hope that this book will inspire you to find spice in your life and begin to practice, if you are already a practitioner I hope it will expand your frame of reference and take your works further.