Adventures in Revelation

Adventures in Revelation

Es-Ka-Ta-La-Gy for Kidz What Youth and Young Adult Readers Need to Know About the End Times and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Mary L. Page


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Adventures in Revelation is written especially for young readers. While it is biblically sound, it details the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in a format that youth and adults can comprehend. Without a doubt, children have questions about the end times. They want to know about the rapture, the tribulation, and eternity. They question if Jesus is really coming back. What about heaven and hell? Will they be subjected to the scary things that they have heard about? They ask if babies will go to heaven, and on and on the questions go. Find answers to these and other questions as we tour the heavens with the beloved disciple John. Adventures in Revelation is filled with pictures and interactive moments to assure the readers that their salvation is secure in Jesus.

Throughout the book, the young readers are encouraged to give their lives to the Lord if they have not already done so. They are assured that Jesus loves them more than anything in the world and that once they know who they are in Christ, they will have no fear of the Book of Revelation and discover the many blessings and promises found in the Word of God.