Living Life as an Empath and Medium

Living Life as an Empath and Medium

Rebecca Walters Hopkins


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Have you ever sensed someone was watching you? But nothing there? Do you wonder about what happens to you or a loved one after death? I want to assure you that your loved ones know what you are doing in your daily lives after they are gone. Through all my experiences I have had since I was a child until today, I truly believe the spirit never dies. I have documented many encounters with spirits from sensing them, seeing them, hearing music, voices and experiencing dreams from 2012-2018. This book also shares with you a true account of my memories in a past-life regression hypnosis technique and how it directly affects my life today. You will learn steps on how to meditate properly and what I see during my meditation. Being an empath and medium has been an enlightening experience. I have spent years researching and learning many things to help me embrace and expand my gift. The biggest blessing is seeing how communicating with spirits can heal one’s heart and soul knowing their loved one can see them after they have passed away. My abilities are a gift from God.