Draw People Every Day

Draw People Every Day

Short Lessons in Portrait and Figure Drawing Using Ink and Color

Kagan McLeod


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A lively, colorful figure drawing instruction book that encourages aspiring illustrators to work in ink and watercolor to create quick, confident renderings of diverse, contemporary people.

While today's illustrators work primarily in ink and watercolor, figure drawing instruction still tends to emphasize work in pencil. Commercial illustrator Kagan McLeod offers an approach to figure and portrait drawing more in keeping with today's preferred tools and techniques, one that focuses on cultivating spontaneity, energy, and confidence by providing exercises for brush work in ink and watercolor. By breaking figure and portrait drawing into the three major aspects of line, tone, and color and recommending time limits for each exercise, McLeod encourages working fast and fearless, rather than worrying about getting your figures just right. Filled with numerous illustrative examples of diverse, modern people, Draw People Every Day reflects practical, applicable techniques to get you drawing the people you see in the world around you with speed and proficiency.


Kagan McLeod:
KAGAN MCLEOD has been a commercial illustrator since 1999. His clients include GQ, Entertainment Weekly, The Royal Canadian Mint, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Newsweek, and his work has been honored by American Illustration, the Society of Illustrators, and Communication Arts. He has created graphic novels for Image and IDW, and exhibits frequently at comic conventions in the United States and Canada. He teaches illustration and drawing courses at Sheridan College in Ontario and hosts a weekly figure drawing workshop at his studio.