Spiritual Fertility

Spiritual Fertility

Integrative Practices for the Journey to Motherhood

Dr. Julie Von


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This book explains how to use the tools of spirituality and psychology to relax the endocrine system, change your perspective, and get pregnant.

Everyone is fertile; however, our common standards for measuring fertility are faulty. Today, our currently accepted narratives around fertility offer much in the way of diagnosis, but little in the way of customized care and consideration of a woman's entire mind, body, and spirit.

The dynamic spark responsible for creating each new human being cannot be reduced to a mass of cells and biochemical processes. There is a deeper mystery at play, one that women struggling with fertility can tap into.

In this ground-breaking book, holistic fertility doctor Dr. Julie Von shows women a new way to approach fertility so that the entire experience of becoming pregnant is energetically uplifting. She shares tools and techniques that help nourish and build women's receptive energy to connect to the spiritual and unseen aspects of creating life. Dr. Von helps readers understand that principles of cosmic timing can be applied to all processes having to do with fertility and child-rearing, from freezing eggs, to conceiving, to choosing to adopt. With close to 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Von has witnessed firsthand the power of the spiritual within fertility to balance the hormonal system and promote a healthy pregnancy.


Dr. Julie Von:
Dr. Julie Von is a Manhattan-based holistic doctor specializing in fertility. She obtained a doctoral degree from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a degree from the American College of Traditional Medicine in San Francisco, and has studied with healers, shamans, and doctors around the world. Dr. Von merges her medical education with her initiation into Earth-based intuitive practices. The energetic and intuitive work she shares is grounded in rigorous clinical and medical experience and expertise. Her clinical practice is guided by the sincere desire to help individuals connect to the spirits of their children, while guiding them to Earth in the gentlest and most loving way.
Dr. Von's clinical work in New York City has spanned over a decade and has connected her with some of the most advanced and well-known names in the field of fertility medicine. She lives with her husband and daughter in both New York City and the Hudson River Valley.