Stunning Buttercream Flowers

Stunning Buttercream Flowers

25 Projects to Create Edible Flora, Cacti and Succulents

Jiahn Kang


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Take Your Desserts to the Next Level with Breathtaking Flowers and Other Delicious, Dainty Designs

Design the most gorgeous cakes right at home with these 25 incredibly approachable decorating projects. Jiahn Kang, founder of the cake design company Brooklyn Floral Delight, shows you how to easily sculpt delicate flowers, cute cacti and floral arrangements all from delicious buttercream icing. With simple instructions and helpful step-by-step pictures, you’ll quickly master the art of beautiful cake decorating—no baking expertise required!

With delectable cake and meringue recipes and easy tips for proper color-mixing, piping and shaping, you’ll be creating masterpieces in no time. Pipe charming buttercream gardens full of roses and hydrangeas, delightful collections of earthy cacti and succulents, or even vibrant full-blossom bouquets and wreaths. Whether you’re preparing for a special event or simply looking to pick up a creative new skill, these beginner-friendly designs will have you wowing everyone with your elegant cakes and cupcakes.


Jiahn Kang:
Jiahn Kang owns and operates Brooklyn Floral Delight, a custom cake design service specializing in buttercream floral arrangement. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Rose & Ivy and others. Jiahn currently lives in New York City.