The Choice to be Chosen

The Choice to be Chosen

A Guide to an Ongoing Relationship with God

Alissa Harris


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A step by step discipleship guide to grow a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. Alissa Harris exemplifies the concept that our relationship with God is one by choice filled with love, respect and learning. She takes her own life events and discusses the Biblical principles with comparative and competing conversations we have with ourselves and God. This demonstrates to the reader applicable solutions to everyday struggles that affect our daily lives and our walk with God.

The book opens by exploring hearing God, both from His written Word and in the other ways He speaks to us. God’s desire for a relationship with each of us is brought out as a key theme in our Christian walk. The book continues expanding the alignment of personal choices to our relationship with God. Alissa brings in her own experiences to support key points often with fully transparent emotionally charged details we can feel in our own lives. Building on each step, Alissa leads us through trusting in challenging circumstances, and our earthly relationships, to the realization we ultimately choose God’s path because His plans are for our good.

Her heartwarming passion and unbridled transparency showcase how every struggle or situation we can find ourselves in, has an answer from God. These answers can draw us closer to God by allowing us to see how God is always longing for a relationship with us.


Alissa Harris:

Alissa Harris is from the Deep South and was brought up under the Old Testament law in a Sabbath keeping church. That experience shaped her passionate acceptance and vision of God’s grace in a way that is uniquely faith focused with genuine compassion.

She is an alumna of Florida International University and is married to her college sweetheart. She makes her home in Florida and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.