Learning to Live Again in a New World

Learning to Live Again in a New World

A Journey from Loss to New Life

Marlene Anderson


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Loss brings with it many layers of grief that need to be addressed. Healing from losses requires more than just talking about our pain; it involves working through the twists and turns of conflicting emotions and confronting questions that often have no satisfactory answers. It is reassembling the pieces of life that have been shattered by assumptions and expectations in order to create a new beginning. Within the process we begin to heal and recover. But as we close one chapter of life, we need tools and information to begin a new chapter and make that transition from what was to what is now. It requires challenging old assumptions and creating a new identity and road map for life going forward.


Marlene Anderson:

Marlene is a licensed mental health counselor, author, and speaker who has worked in clinical, educational, business and retreat settings, as a college teacher and facilitator of psycho-educational classes. She is the author of “A Love so Great, A Grief so Deep”, and contributing author to “It’s A God Thing” and “Heaven Touching Earth”, available on Amazon.com. You can follow her weekly blogs and podcasts on her website, www.focuswithmarlene.com.