Dating is Like Playing Poker

Dating is Like Playing Poker

In Relationships, Know When to Hold Them & When to Fold Them

Paul Samra


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Imagine dating with total confidence. . .

Whether you're a regular at the gaming tables, or don't even own a deck of cards, you can bet that Dating Is Like Playing Poker will teach you a fun and unique tool to guide you through the minefield of today's complicated world of dating.

Relationship Expert and Certified Life Coach Paul Samra developed a groundbreaking new strategy for dating success that uses poker as a metaphor. Samra goes "all in" to teach you this simple and powerful method to find your perfect match. More than another relationship "theory," this method has been tested and validated in real-world dating scenarios over the course of more than seven years.

Once you learn this technique and start to apply it, you'll wonder how you ever dated without it!

Here's just a sampling of what's inside:

* Spot potential red flags early on, and determine if they will be "deal breakers" for your relationship
* Learn an effective screening process that can save you weeks, months and even years of frustration and heartache
* Master a foolproof method to assess the status of your relationship at any given time
* Learn strategies to uncover a potential mate's incompatible values and beliefs
* Date smarter, and enhance your chances of long-term success
* Reduce the odds of eventual divorce
* Avoid making poor choices that can negatively impact your relationships and finances for life!
* Channel your feelings and emotions to stay "in check" and in control
* Employ a simple psychological trick to help you "move on" from less-than-ideal relationships–with no regrets, and no second guessing!
* Stop wasting time! Accelerate the process, and find the love of your life faster!
* Learn how to identify your best possible life partner
* Special Additional Topics Covered Include: Dating in the Digital Age; Dating in College; Dating Over 40; Dating After Divorce; Dating With Kids

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond, single or divorced, never-been-married or widowed, in a relationship, or between can read this book in less than two hours and begin applying the method immediately.

Warning: If you're not serious about finding a serious, long-term relationship, then please get up from the table and move along; this is not the book for you.

If you want to stop wasting time on mediocre relationships and find your ideal, life-long match, click the BUY NOW button and "up" your odds in the relationship game today!