Tomorrow’s God

Tomorrow’s God

The Hebrew Lord in an Age of Science

Robert N. Goldman, Mary L. Radnofsky


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What is the relationship between the Hebrew Bible and modern science? To answer this question, Robert Goldman invites the reader on a carefully guided intellectual journey spanning centuries of theological, philosophical, and scientific thought, before arriving at his provocative conclusion. He begins with the Hebrew Bible, examining the ancient concepts of "Olam" and "Yahweh," whose meanings are often lost in translation. Using these concepts as a lens, he explores Spinoza's "heretical" (at the time) theological views, probes Einstein's theory of space-time, and confronts formidable questions about human capacity for evil through the writings of Elie Wiesel and Etty Hillesum. Using simple, accessible language, Goldman ties together these diverse perspectives--as well as those of Plato, Maimonides, Godel, and others--and interweaves them with his own insights. Ultimately, he crafts a hopeful vision of a humankind and a God who are evolving toward one another, fueled by good actions, broader consciousness, and deeper human connection.