US vs China

US vs China

From Trade War to Reciprocal Deal

Thomas W Pauken II


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US vs China: From Trade War to Reciprocal Deal gives readers an up close account on the rough-and-tumble trade talks between the US and China. The book provides a neutral and balanced perspective in addressing the historical, political and cultural backgrounds that had made US-China trade wars inevitable, but also explores how the two richest and most powerful countries and long-time rivals may eventually reach a consensus to support a bilateral trade agreement for the ages.

  • Understanding the Background:
    • China's Economic Miracle
    • 'America First' Agenda
    • American Dream vs. Chinese Dream
  • Eruption of Trade Wars:
    • Prepping for Trade Talks
    • To Bluff of Not to Bluff
    • China Goes Global
  • Geopolitical and Economic Transformations:
    • Globalism Fades Away
    • China Enters a 'New Normal'
    • Trump-a-nomics Surges Ahead
  • Search for Common Ground:
    • What is 'Made in China 2025?'
    • Clash of Cultures: Trump vs. Xi
    • The Art of a Win-Win Trade Deal

Readership: General readers interested in US-China trade war and US–China relations.China;The US;Trade War;Trade Talks;Trump;Xi Jinping00