Where to Place the Grace Note?

Where to Place the Grace Note?

Conversations on Classical Piano Music with Yu Chun Yee

Lin Li


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Where to Place the Grace Note? offers a glimpse into the world of classical piano music through a series of conversations between Lin Li, an amateur pianist and English Literature scholar, and her piano teacher Yu Chun Yee, who was Professor of Piano at the Royal College of Music for thirty years. Starting from the seemingly straightforward question in the book's title, their conversations meander through a series of general issues pertaining to phrasing, musical interpretation, teaching, technique, injury and performance anxiety. Supplemented with numerous musical examples, snippets from historical sources, and anecdotes that span Yu's teaching and performing career from the 1950s to the present, this book will delight both general music lovers and music professionals.

  • Introduction: The Call of the Orioles
  • Where to Place the Grace Note?:
    • No Time Given to the Flourish
    • A Phrase by Any Other Name
    • Make It New!
  • Behind the Grace Note:
    • Please Don't Shoot the Student
    • The Pianist's Dirty Laundry
    • Let the Pianist Speak

Readership: This book is primarily aimed at the general classical music enthusiast, but will equally delight music students, teachers and professionals given the depth of the material (in certain chapters) and the renown of Yu.Classical Music;Piano;Yu Chun Yee;Introduction;Grace Note0Key Features:
  • This is the first book that introduces Yu's ideas on classical piano music (albeit in a very general sense)
  • It dovetails broad, layman musical questions with detailed musical analyses
  • It is ambitiously aimed at both the general and specialist audience