Jump Start Autophagy

Jump Start Autophagy

Activate Your Body's Cellular Healing Process to Reduce Inflammation, Fight Chronic Illness and Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Melissa Mayer


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Harness your body’s natural cell-rejuvenating process for amazing health benefits

To maintain good health, it is vital that your body’s natural detoxing process of cleaning out damaged cells and regenerating new ones, known as autophagy, is working well. Dysfunctional cellular processes can cause all kinds of serious issues, from premature aging to cancer. On the other hand, a healthy autophagy process can reduce inflammation, prevent skin issues, boost metabolism, and even heal autoimmune issues.

Jump Start Autophagy will give you all the tools you need to hack your cells for a longer, healthier life. The book will walk you through the science of autophagy, how it works, and why our bodies need it. It will break down the different ways our bodies are signaled to kick start autophagy; and, best of all, show you concrete examples, activities, and methods to push your own body into autophagy to achieve healthier skin, boost your metabolism, heal inflammation, and so much more.


Melissa Mayer:
Melissa Mayer is a science writer, former science teacher, and crisis counselor. She took her first cell biology class at Trinity University on a bet. In a fold-up desk surrounded by pre-med students who had no doubt taken the prerequisites, she unexpectedly fell hard and fast for biology – and discovered a knack for writing about science. After a decade in the classroom, Melissa now covers the biotech and biomedical spaces as well as the intersection of science and social issues for readers ranging from middle school students to industry professionals. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her wife, kids, and way too many animals.