Aardvark to Zygote Quiz: What Do You Know?

Aardvark to Zygote Quiz: What Do You Know?

Mginternet Publishing


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There are 6 quizzes (A, B, C. D, E and F) of six rounds each; each quiz has six questions per round. Each question is worth one point however, if the quiz master wants to increase that on some of the more difficult questions, this is perfectly viable. Some questions are harder than others. These are compiled by a very good pub quiz compiler but they are there to be enjoyed by anyone anywhere, could be done on a train or bus for example or as a family competition. All the answers are given at the end of each quiz and also all together at the back of the book. Each round is ended by;- HOW DID YOU DO? 0-14 NOT BAD, 15-28 PRETTY GOOD, 29-36 EXCELLENT But, this can be altered if a different scoring range is in place, it is just a guide.