Conversations and Encounters with God in the Night

Conversations and Encounters with God in the Night

The Hidden Mystery Behind Dreams

Terrie Phillips


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God has no limitations on how He pursues us. I love what Psalms 23:6 says about the Lord's love for mankind: "Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life." Believing that God designed us to receive those revelations of who He is, it is also His prerogative as to when and how that may occur. Why not through a dream. Dreaming is part of our DNA. All across this planet everyone dreams,so there must be something significant about it. Beyond our logical reasoning, it begs the question, why would a creator equip us with such a tool? I believe it is about His pursuit of us - a quest to be relational with men and women both in waking hours as well as sleeping hours. We become a captive audience, ready to both encounter and have conversations with our Creator.