Achieving sustainable cultivation of barley

Achieving sustainable cultivation of barley

Prof Glen P. Fox, Prof Chengdao Li, Dr Andrea Visioni, Dr Alessandro Tondelli, Dr Cristina Crosatti


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This collection reviews advances in research on improving barley cultivation across the value chain. Part 1 reviews advances in understanding barley physiology in such areas as plant growth, grain development and plant response to abiotic stress.

Chapters also review current developments in exploiting genetic diversity and mapping the barley genome. Building on this foundation, the second part of the book summarises advances in breeding with chapters on breeding trial design as well as advances in molecular breeding techniques such as genome wide association studies (GWAS) and targeted induced lesions in genomes (TILLING). Part 3 looks further along the value chain at ways of optimising cultivation practices. There are chapters on post-harvest storage as well as fungal diseases, weeds and integrated methods for their management. The final part of the book assesses current developments in optimising barley for particular end uses such as malting, brewing and animal feed as well as current research on the nutraceutical properties of barley.