A Journey of One

A Journey of One

Hospice: Healing and Teaching by Storytelling

A.L. Cromwell RN


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We can never truly prepare for death. But knowing how it has looked for others and what they have experienced can provide comfort and reassurance if you are caring for an ill loved one.

Leigh Cromwell, MS, BSN, RN draws upon her experiences and accounts from hospice providers and caregivers to reveal what to expect while walking with someone on their final journey. With this resource, the author shares:

what to expect when taking care of a loved one;

how to navigate through difficult adjustment periods;

what your loved one may be experiencing.

Throughout the book, you’ll read about people who have been diagnosed with debilitating illnesses and those who care for them. While reading, it will become clear that the journey of hospice starts much earlier than just the last days of life. Some of the stories will surprise you – others will heal and inspire you.

Whether your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s dementia, heart disease, lung disorders, cancer, or some other end-stage illness, and regardless of whether hospice is here or on the horizon, this book is a necessity for anyone caring for an ill loved one in the home.