Measurement, Uncertainty and Lasers

Measurement, Uncertainty and Lasers

Masatoshi Kajita


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Measurement of values is fundamental in science and technology, and it plays a major role in our everyday lives. Measurement, Uncertainty and Lasers examines the importance of uncertainty, accuracy and precision of measurement, and explains how laser technology has helped improve measurement and redefine standards. Concepts of measurement uncertainty, in both a qualitative and quantitative manner, are introduced and key equations, formulae and qualitative descriptions are included. This book discusses SI units, standards and the importance of using lasers for measurement in modern metrology, including the redefinition of SI units over time, which recently culminated in the agreement to redefine the kilogram and will take effect in May 2019. Real-life case studies are also provided; from the implications for measuring times at the Olympics, to the impacts in criminal investigations.