Darwin’s Resolution: Evolution or Creation

Darwin’s Resolution: Evolution or Creation

Ernest L. Brannon


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There are two worldviews about the source of life’s diversity. Creation implies a Creator as the intelligent cause, and evolution purports a material cause. So how can we resolve this complex issue?

In a thought-provoking discourse on the reconciliation of the controversy between evolution and Creation, Dr. Ernest Brannon, retired biology professor and director of the Sciphre Institute, presents both sides of the issue to provide a fair assessment for those challenged by life’s origin and diversity. Within his treatise, Dr. Brannon summarizes information on the two worldviews about the diversity of life in order to demonstrate where there is common ground and to differentiate between the evidence and speculation between certainty and assumption. He also addresses reformation of the two worldviews, examines the scientific credibility of the Genesis account of Creation, and concludes with the essence of resolution.

Darwin’s Resolution: Evolution or Creation is an engaging treatise committed to reconciling the concept of evolution with faith in God through a comprehensive examination of scientific evidence.