The Grey Fairy Book

The Grey Fairy Book

Andrew Lang


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An international collection of children’s fairy tales: “Some of the first, and best, stories we ever hear in our lives” (The Washington Post).

First published in 1900 by renowned Scottish folklorist Andrew Lang, this classic anthology of fairy tales is part of the series known as the Fairy Books of Many Colors. It contains the best English translations of thirty-five imaginative stories from the oral and written traditions of France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Greece, parts of Africa, and other regions. Guaranteed to enchant and entertain children of all ages, The Grey Fairy Book includes such enduring tales as “Donkey Skin,” “The Partnership of the Thief and the Liar,” “What Came of Picking Flowers,” “The Magician’s Horse,” “The Dog and the Sparrow,” “The White Wolf,” and “The Twin Brothers.”
“The old favorite series on which most of us were brought up—and our parents before us . . . Andrew Lang and his associates managed to break the stranglehold of the pious sentimentality handed out to children by collecting—from all over the world—fairy tales of all people, and bringing out the volumes we all know and love.” —Kirkus Reviews