Who Do I Say I Am?

Who Do I Say I Am?

Twelve Steps to Knowing Yourself, Being Yourself, and Expressing Yourself

Naomi Somone


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In the Bible, Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say I am?” The question is just as relevant today, although we must turn it upon ourselves. Many of us are people pleasers, which means no one knows who we truly are. We put up a constant façade, but that façade is dangerous because soon, no one knows who we are since we don’t know who we are either. Who Do I Say I Am? presents one woman’s journey to finding herself. Author Naomi Somone uses philosophy, fables, Bible verses, and her personal testimony to give readers a roadmap to knowing, being, and expressing themselves. Inspired by the techniques of both Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery, Naomi plows away the clouds of unwanted circumstances so we see clearly. We can live life to its fullest potential, and we do this by renewing our minds. Learn who you are through self-examination, self-love, and self-confidence. Through forgiveness, excel at overcoming bitterness, resentment, people pleasing, and fear. Discover the spiritual self-help tools you were born with.