McQuail’s Media and Mass Communication Theory

McQuail’s Media and Mass Communication Theory

Denis McQuail, Mark Deuze


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Now in its seventh edition, this landmark text continues to define the field of media and mass communication research, offering a uniquely detailed, broad, and balanced guide. It maintains the narrative into the world of pervasive, ubiquitous, mobile, social and always-online media that we live in today. 

New to this edition:

 Examples are now integrated within each chapter around politics and the public sphere, as popular culture and politics become more regularly intertwined.

 An increased focus on conceptualizing ‘mass’ media and communication and media theory in an age of big data, such as algorithmic culture, AI, platform economies, streaming, and mass self-communication.

 Further discussion of what we want and expect of media and society in all chapters.

  New and revised material, including a new chapter “A Canon of Media Effects”, bringing together Social-Cultural Effects & News, Public Opinion and Political Communication, helping the reader to rethink and reframe the whole idea of media effects and influence. 

A vitally important for all students of Media and Mass Communication in the 21st century.