Design Thinking in Play

Design Thinking in Play

An Action Guide for Educators

Alyssa Gallagher, Kami Thordarson


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Design thinking is a person-centered, problem-solving process that's a go-to for innovative businesses and gaining traction with school leaders interested in positive change. But understanding design thinking is one thing; actually putting it in play is something else.

Authors Alyssa Gallagher and Kami Thordarson offer educators a practical guide for navigating design thinking's invigorating challenges and reaping its considerable rewards. They dig deep into the five-stage design thinking process, highlighting risk factors and recommending specific steps to keep you moving forward. The 25 downloadable and reproducible tools provide prompts and supports that will help you and your team

• Identify change opportunities.
• Dig deeper into complex problems.
• Analyze topics to isolate specific challenges.
• Connect with and solve for user needs.
• Apply what you've learned about users to design challenges.
• Maximize brainstorming power.
• Create and employ solution prototypes.
• Pitch solutions and secure buy-in from stakeholders.
• Organize and analyze user feedback.
• Map out a solution's specific actions and resource requirements.

Design Thinking in Play is a must-have for education leaders who are tired of waiting for someone else to solve their problems and ready to take action, have fun, and leverage collective insight to figure out what will really work for their school, their colleagues, and their students.